How to Identify a Home's Style

Houses come in a variety of different styles. Many areas of the country tend to have more than one style of home depending on the age of the area, environment and culture of people in the area. Both real estate agents and home buyers can benefit from knowing information about home designs!

Why Real Estate Agents Should Know Home Styles

As a real estate agent, having knowledge about home styles is beneficial for a few reasons. Some clients may want a home based on a certain style. Just knowing the style they want will help you in finding the right homes for them.

Not every style will be common in the location the buyer is looking in. A buyer looking for a Mediterranean style home in the Northeastern part of the country will not have as much of a selection as if they were a buyer looking in the California area.

Often, cities will have different neighborhoods boasting a particular style of home. Knowing the characteristics, the approximate age of these styles of homes and their general locations are all good pieces of information to have.

It may also help to know the positives and negatives of these various styles in terms of their layout, energy use, building materials, repair costs, etc… For example, Cape Cod style homes tend to be on the smaller side and are good for first-time home buyers but may not have enough space to raise a larger family.

Bonus: Even brushing up on the history of each style can be nice if homeowners have questions that pertain to that.

Why Home Buyers Should Know Home Styles

As a home buyer, having an idea of the type of styles that you are looking for in a home can help narrow down your home searches. Becoming familiar with the most common characteristics of different styles of homes can also help you match a style of home to your wants and needs.

For example, if you would like a home with a lot of natural light, a contemporary style home often has many large windows providing this. If you like the unique look of detailed woodwork, Craftsman style homes often have remarkable examples of this.

Certain styles like the Colonial, are a good choice if putting on an addition is something you may see yourself doing in the future. Victorian homes have a great deal of charm but are an older style. If being handy isn’t your strong suit, investing in an older home that most likely will need many repairs or upgrades probably isn’t the route you will want to take.

The more information you give your real estate agent about what you are looking for in a home the better. Starting off knowing the type of styles you are looking for makes the house hunting process that much smoother!

If you are searching for a home in the Savannah, Ga area, you have a wide variety of home styles to choose from. From the simplicity of Cape Cods and Colonials to Medieval-influenced cathedrals, intricate gingerbread accents of the Victorian period, and the new custom homes, you’re going to want to sharpen your knowledge of home design styles!

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