Fixing Your Curb Appeal for a Quicker Sale

In order to sell your home quickly, curb appeal matters. While other concerns, such as staging the inside and performing any needed repairs or improvements are also important, if the property lacks curb appeal, potential buyers are unlikely to stop.

You have several options to make the yard and home exterior more aesthetically pleasing. Make a list of potential projects and organize it according to priority.

Since you are seeking to sell your home quickly, the projects should each take no more than two weekends to complete. Similarly, your budget must be able to accommodate the demands of any change you keep on the list.


  • The first step to increasing the curb appeal is removing all personal items and debris everywhere. Toys for pets and children can be stored in the garage or a similarly accessible out of sight area.


  • Have a professional landscaping company service the yard. They can edge along the walkways, trim bushes and hedges neatly and ensure your gardens are weed-free. If you have the skills and equipment, you can do this yourself and save some money.

The crisp lines indicate an attention to detail which will influence the subconscious minds of buyers to believe the entire home has been well-maintained.

  • Purchase an attractive new mailbox with the street numberprominently displayed on it. Around the base, create a miniature garden area. Choose specific coordinating flowers or a wildflower seed mix, making sure nothing will obscure access to the box. Comply with local regulations and consider a locked box for better security.
  • If the home itself does not need a new paint job, recoat the shutters, window and door trim for a bright, fresh appearance. Make sure to power wash the entire home prior to painting.
  • As for the front door, you should make sure it is painted a bright, friendly color. Replace the existing one with solid wood or metal if it is not already one of these materials. Additionally, you should use attractive hardware on the door. In addition to the knob and locks, a knocker, “peep-hole” and address numbers should be displayed with visually appealing choices.
  • If the house numbers are elsewhere, replace them with ones constructed with superior materials with an attractive presentation. Make certain they are readable from the road.
  • Create a driveway that people want to pull into. Clean the concrete surface thoroughly, including the removal of oil stains. If weeds are sprouting in it, pull them and toss into a garbage bag for immediate disposal. Then, spray the areas with an all-natural weed killer. For a quick “facelift” to the driveway, stain the concrete.
  • Appropriate lighting inside and outside of a home are important for prospective buyers to consider when viewing houses. Use lighting as a means of attracting these shoppers. Illuminate the driveway and walkways with solar powered lights that complement the decor of your garden.
  • Gutters and downspouts need to be clean and in good repair. Replacing worn and unattractive ones will improve the exterior appearance of your home and contributes to water damage prevention.
  • Don’t forget to inspect the roof for loose shingles or other signs of damage. The roof of the home should be functional and attractive. If the existing roof is in need of replacement, choose appealing colors and materials that complement the home and neighborhood.

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It is possible to prepare your home to sell quickly without spending a ton of money. With the exception of roof replacement, each of these projects is inexpensive with minimal time investments needed.

Determine which ones to tackle on your land so you can attract the right buyer quickly and move on with your life.

This is a guest post by Carol Robson, a retired social worker who believes in living simply, being ecologically friendly, and leaving a small footprint. For more helpful information for others looking to do the same, check out Tiny House Plans.

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