How Photos of Your Home Can Charm Interested Buyers

Sellers understand how important it is to provide photos of their home. After all, interested buyers must have an idea of how their future investment looks. So it begs the question, do you or your real estate agent know how to maximize your home’s appeal?

The photographs of your home is the best way for you to achieve a lasting first impression with interested buyers. More than ever before, information is right at your fingertips. This makes it easy for home buyers to research their dream Savannahhome online!

Consider the implications of a listing with no photos of the home. Oftentimes it makes potential home buyers wonder, ‘Well, what’s wrong with this one?’ or ‘What are they hiding?’. *click*. They just skipped over your home and you just lost a potential buyer. Yikes!

So how can your photos charm interested buyers? Let’s explore!

Sharp photos enhance the homes character.

We cannot count how often we’ve come across poor quality photos of a listed home — and you probably have as well! Photos with poor resolution don’t capture the small details of the home, but sharp quality photos do.

They manage to capture the spirit and character of the home in crisp detail. Taking low quality photos not only loses the details of the home, but can also seem unprofessional.

Remember, you have to make a big first impression. You don’t have to get professional-grade equipment, but you surely can’t skimp out. Anything better than a 5-megapixel camera will do, anything over 20-megapixels is already considered top-of-the-line equipment. Make the small investment to reap large benefits!

Photos with staged homes grab the buyer’s attention.

A home in a community, like cozy Richmond Hill, will readily pique interested buyers’ interests — who wouldn’t want to live there? Unfortunately, it might not be enough to grab their attention.

But what will? A wonderfully staged home that brings life to the interior of the home and accentuates the marvelous architecture!

When you prepare the home in a way that accentuates the beautiful features of the architecture, you will help potential home buyers understand the character of your home.

A staged home can also help interested buyers imagine how their own personal things will flow within the home. These visual cues will help them realize that your home could potentially be the next step in their life’s travels.

Brighter photos create a warmer home.

Let’s start with the exterior of the home — like homes in the Savannah Highlands(stunning communities!). Natural sunlight is your best friend as it help give interested buyers a more realistic feel of the home.

A good idea here is to wait for the sun to be overhead before taking photos of the home so it can soak in the most sunlight as possible. Be sure to capture the home at an angle that is not directly in front of the home, this provides home buyers with more depth
and context than a flat perspective if done otherwise.

We move from the outside of the home to its interior! Again, natural sunlight is your best friend. However, this time be wary about glares and lens flares if the sunlight is harsh. Try lowering curtains to reduce the glare.

If it’s still managing to be tricky, turning the lights on isn’t a terrible option (you can always edit the photo when it’s poorly lit, whereas a photo awash with a glare can’t). Stick to well-lit photos as dimly-lit photos can share a sense of doom and gloom.

With any photograph of a room, be sure to snap a photo from the door-side, going in. This helps home seekers imagine what it would feel like to enter the room. As with anything, be sure there aren’t any obstructions as well. You don’t want to distract potential clients from the home, but help them immerse themselves in the visual experience.

Practice makes perfect!

Just keep these design practices in mind on how you can charm interested buyers through your beautiful photos. Practice these techniques and you’ll soon master the art of taking captivating photos of home listings. Before you know it, as quickly as you put your listing up, it’ll be taken down just as quickly!

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