House Not Selling? Try These Tips!

Houses linger on the market for a variety of reasons and if you’re one of those sellers, it may be time for a different strategy. Let’s start by assuming you’ve already done the basics like decluttering, cleaning, and sprucing up your curb appeal months ago when you listed it.

Your home may look completely different now than it did before you listed, but remember, it’s the first time ever that potential buyers are seeing it. You need to give them reasons to want to make your home theirs, and, while you may have already changed the kitchen cabinet hardware, it’s just not doing it for buyers.

At this point in time you need to really look at what kind of return on investment is important to you. Are you ready to invest in more upgrades, that you may not get 100% ROI on, but will sell it quicker OR are you ready to continue paying the mortgage month after month until it finally sells?

Before making any changes, you should discuss with your real estate agent if it is time to drop your list price.

If your decision is to change your strategy and make a few upgrades to sell at last, there are a few things you need to consider before calling in the professionals.

  • How much can I realistically invest?
  • Look at your home to determine where you’re going to get the biggest bang for your buck.
  • Consider the importance of making a good room great OR a great room absolutely wonderful.

Kitchens and Bathrooms often times are a deciding factor when a buyer is comparing two homes, so those are probable starting points. If yours are only okay, that could be a reason why your neighbors house sold and yours is still available. The key is to make the largest visual impact to impress buyers.

  • Paint a small bathroom with a bright color to make it feel larger.
  • Purchase new appliances and fixtures that are energy-efficient.
  • Add things that are unique like touch-less faucets, custom backsplash, and provide a unique pantry/storage.
  • Update the flooring – outdated tile or laminate are not going to impress buyers, even if it’s clean.

Family and Living Rooms are places where you spend a lot of time. Wouldn’t you want it to be a place you’d want to be in and enjoy? An upgrade you can make here has to do with the fireplace. If you have one, think about what you could do to enhance its visual appeal.

  • Replace the mantle.
  • Build a custom surround.
  • If yours has an insert, consider updating it to a more energy-efficient unit.

Don’t have a fireplace? Talk to your real estate agent to determine if the comparable homes had/have fireplaces. If they do, you want to make sure yours is a step above.

Natural light is something that all buyers want to see in any home they are considering. Increase the opportunity for more light by adding a skylight. A skylight will also make a small room, like a bathroom, feel larger.

Again, before you call in the professionals, talk to your real estate agent about what upgrades make sense in your home and take into consideration the points I mentioned at the beginning of this post.

What’s the largest upgrade you’ve ever made to your home?

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