Organizing Your Entryway for Home Showings

Entryways. They are the catchalls of the home. Shoes, coats, keys, book bags and purses always seem to be scattered around the door. In the frantic pace of entering and exiting the home, it always ends up in a shuffled mess. This particular part of the home can be a pain to keep looking clean for showings. There are many different ways to add an organizational element to your entryway rather simply. Here are a few examples!

Benches or Stools

Adding a decorative bench or stool can add some comfort and aids in the function of your entryway. It can accent the room and also provide some quick storage for last minute shoe or purse tosses. For multi-function, try finding one with built in cubbies underneath to store things!

Hooks or Knobs

Instead of piling a bunch of jackets on 1 or two hooks, invest in a row of decorative hooks. Show buyers how useful your entryway can be! Use the hooks to hang your outerwear as well as book bags. An alternate use is to nail a row of hooks lower to the ground and hang your shoes on them! An organized entryway with hooks and knobs for coats may even compensate for a lack of closet space to a buyer!


Hall trees are common pieces used in the entryway. They are one single piece of furniture with hooks, sometimes a mirror and cabinets built-in to store things. They come in a variety of finishes and colors. If you are a handy person, try using a wooden pallet or old door to create your own entryway furniture

Baskets and Crates

You can never have too much storage in an entryway, especially if the goal is to keep it looking clean and clutter free for home showings. Baskets are great for holding hats, scarves, gloves and pet items, while crates are better for holding shoes or bags. The tricky party about home showings is that they can be last minute. With space savers like cubbies or baskets, you can easily stow away items and leave the area clean and organized!


If you have children, try framing black and white photos of each child and hanging them above their own cubby or hook. This saves loads of time during the school morning rush. Everything can be organized and hung up for each child! No mixing up hats and gloves. Having designated areas for their own things can help children get in on keeping the home clean for showings!


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