Mastering Your Small Closet

When searching for your dream home, closet space is not often a deal breaker. This may leave many of you with some less than desired closets in your home. While you may think that a “reach in” closet is useless, the following ideas may help.

Tip: Before you even attempt to reorganize your closets, go through your items and toss or donate what you don’t need.  There is no sense in making room for things that you really don’t need and that someone else may get use of!


Some of the trickiest items to organize and find room for are accessories. Things like scarves, bathing suits, belts, socks, purses, flip flops and hats are all items that tend to get randomly stashed. A cube storage piece fitted with cloth cubes or baskets works perfect to store these items. Simply take the measurements of your closets and purchase a cube furniture piece that fits. They are usually 2-3 feet in height, which is great for making the most of the bottom portion of a closet!

Tip: You can create labels for your baskets or cubes for quick finds!


There never seems to be enough closet space for shoes, especially for the ladies but with a little handiwork, you can create a home for all…well hopefully all of your shoes! Adding crown molding to the top perimeter of your closet or along the back will hold a good number of high-heeled shoes and saves a ton of space. You can also use ordinary wire hangers to hang flats and flip-flops on a clothing rod. Take a wire coat hanger and trim the bottom portion off leaving two arms and the hook. Take those arms and with pliers bend them up and into curls. Shoes can now be hung from the hangers and onto rods in your closet!


No matter what size closet you have, clothing somehow always takes on a life of its own and consumes it! Often times in small closets there is one clothing rod hung up which ends up in a great deal of empty and useless space. A great way to add extra space for clothing is to add shorter rods to the sides ends of the closet. This makes the clothes face out at you rather than away from you on a single traditional rod. Then you add a rod in the front but make it a bit shorter to fit the side end rods. This almost doubles your clothing space!


Linen closets are often one of the first spaces to get unruly. For starters you may have some pretty tattered linens so pick out the overly used items and donate them to a place like an animal rescue! They are always in need of bedding and towels for their furry friends. If you don’t have sheet folding down to a T and your piles just sit there sloppily, try using tall bins. They will hold linens neatly and orderly. Smaller items like pillowcases can be stacked and clipped in pairs with clothespins. Washcloths can be rolled and placed into small baskets for easy access.

These are the most common items in our homes that can cause small closets to become a nuisance. With simple things like wire racks, hooks, bins, baskets and over the door organizers you can re-design any closet to be a fully-functioning area of your home!

Happy closet organizing!

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