Preparing Your Child's Room for Showings - Getting it Organized

When you’re preparing your home for sale, one of the most common things you’ll hear is to get rid of the clutter; and for good reason. Potential buyers need to be able to picture themselves and their own belongings in your home in order to even consider making an offer.

I’ve written numerous articles about preparing your home for sale, but I’ve never focused on what to do in the kids’ bedrooms. It’s important not to disrupt your child’s routine and to keep them feeling safe, secure, and okay with the moving preparations, so the ideas you’ll see below are just ways to get organized and to help you find a place for their toys and clothes.

The organizing process is also a great time to store what they’ve outgrown and start the packing process. Put all of a toy’s parts together, bag them up, and give it a label. You’ll start off the unpacking process in your new home much more organized, which should take a little of the stress out of the unpacking party!


This is a great example of using a bookshelf to its potential. It’s welcoming and would appeal to a wide range of ages. The chair next to it is a nice touch too!

Source of image: HGTV

Not every kid has closet space this large, but there are a bunch of creative things you can add to any closet to get more organized. I also like the idea of painting the inside of the closet a different color than white!

Source of image: HGTV

Having extra space in a bedroom for a desk area would be appealing to any parent. Show it in its best light by keeping it simple and organized. The painted peg board is a nice touch and keeps papers from cluttering the desk top!


The space under the bed is key storage space! Don’t waste it, use it to its potential like in this example.

Source of image: Better Homes and Gardens

Opt for creative shelving for visual interest and the ability to achieve the “cool” factor!

Source of Image:

Dress up simple things like baskets and pails to bring a unified look to shelves or closet space. Nice to look at and a great way for the kids to know where their stuff is!

The idea is to present the room in a way that is organized, welcoming, and ready for any child!

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