Simple Changes to Update Your Windows

Windows make up an important part of the overall design of your home, as they do more than just let the light in and protect from the weather.  The windows in a home are typically not the first thing that comes to mind when preparing to put it on the market, however they can be an important selling feature regardless of the view on the other side (even though the view’s of Savannah or Richmond Hill, Ga are, let’s just say, gorgeous)!

Changing the window treatments is a cost-effective step in giving your windows an updated look, and can completely change the look of your space.  Gone are the days of simply putting up curtains – there is now an extensive array of blinds that are not only better looking, but functional too.

Here’s a look at some of the types of window treatments that will help to update your spaces:

Cord-free Shades
Cordless shades are the perfect alternative to outdated mini blinds.  They offer a much cleaner, more organized look and come in many different styles. Cordless blinds eliminate the need make adjustments to keep them level and also provide a safety feature in the absence of dangling cords.

Wooden Blinds
There are so many different styles of wooden blinds to choose from but they all accomplish the same idea; bringing the outdoors in, a trend which is becoming increasingly popular this year.  Use wooden blinds when you want to add a rustic feature to a space.

Room Darkening Shades
Updating the window treatments in the bedrooms to room darkening shades or curtains is becoming a popular feature with buyers because they are more energy-efficient.  Not to mention if you have little ones who take naps…you know how important a darker room can be!

Updating the window treatments in a home you are preparing to sell is a small but necessary step in helping to attract the largest number of potential buyers.  With all of the designs and variety of styles now available, it’s easy to make a big impact with a small change.

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